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Welcome to the Department of French

« Enseigner une langue, C’est proposer un voyage. Apprendre, C’est partir ! »

(Teaching a language is to propose a journey. Learning is to leave for the journey!)

The Department of French is established in 1951 since the inception of the college. The department offers additional language courses in French for the Under Graduate programmes. Our college is the only college in the revenue district of Kollam offering French as additional language with full-time permanent faculty. French is spoken in more than 50 countries across the world and also offers numerous career opportunities in different fields around the globe. Thus the additional language course in French is specially designed to cater to students who are interested in learning French as a foreign language. While designing the curriculum, meticulous care is taken to frame it with the objective to aid students to use it for future career and higher education prospects.

Our Faculty Members